'; 501st Legion Clone Trooper Revenge Of The Sith
501st Legion Clone Trooper Revenge Of The Sith

Formed in south carolina by residents albin johnson.

501st legion clone trooper revenge of the sith. Reenact your favorite star wars battles or create brand new ones with this cool clone trooper 501st legion figure. This auction is for a. Welcome in the sanotized creations shop. This is still factory sealed and the toy is in new unused condition.

Star wars vintage collection revenge of the sith clone trooper 501st legion action figure. The 501st legion is an international fan based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen accurate replicas of imperial stormtrooper armor sith lords clone troopers bounty hunters and other villains from the star wars universe. The bubble is crinkled at the top and a little on the bottom as well but in my opinion the package still looks good otherwise and is still in. Hes a fierce warrior in the intergalactic battle between good and evil.

The 501st legion also referred to as the 501st for short the 501st battalion the 501st clone battalion and later known as vaders fist was an elite stormtrooper legion under the command of the dark lord of the sith darth vader during the imperial erathe legion predated the galactic empire its origins dating back to the time of the clone wars when the 501st was an elite military. Revenge of the sith film. Meets 501st reqirements for helmet of clone trooper rots. This warrior clone trooper 501st legion figure is rendered in careful detail to look just like the character in the star wars.

The 501st legion called by its nickname vaders fist is made up entirely of volunteers.


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