'; Duel Of The Fates Revenge Of The Sith
Duel Of The Fates Revenge Of The Sith

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Duel of the fates revenge of the sith. Little beats duel of the fates. Obi wan kenobi vs anakin skywalker full fight scene mustafar battle duel on mustafar star wars. As said in the last video on this game this is likely the best star wars dueling game the revenge of the sith for the playstation 2. Music used in this video belongs their respective owners.

The scene simply didnt have the same realness or believability of its predecessors. Watching obi wan and anakin battle on mustafar though just failed to invoke the same emotion. I do not own anything in the video no copyright infringement is intended. We need another star wars game like this focused more on the.

Episode iii revenge of the sith during the battle sequence between yoda and emperor palpatine in the senate chamber on coruscant and the simultaneous battle between darth vader and obi wan kenobi on mustafar had a piece of duel of the fates but rewritten in a tragic mode. The duel in revenge of the sith just didnt have the same impact. The duel of the fates scene duel of the fates is first played in star wars episode i. Music from star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith.

Episode iii revenge of the sith 2005 movie clip 4k. And the epic choral showdown battle of the heroes from revenge of the sith. Revenge of the sith duel of the fates skachat pesni mp3 ili sokhranit besplatno na telefon.


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