'; Millennium Falcon Revenge Of The Sith Cameo
Millennium Falcon Revenge Of The Sith Cameo

You may not already know this but the millennium falcon made a very brief cameo in revenge of the sith shortly after the opening battle.

Millennium falcon revenge of the sith cameo. Hans trusty ship might be a piece of junk but its been there for all the most important star wars moments. That really was the millennium falcon in revenge of the sith and thankfully solo. Millennium falcon easter egg in star wars episode iii revenge of the sith. James lucenos novel millennium falcon focuses on the titular ship.

The young han solo movie provides a new look for the millennium falcon which under the ownership of lando calrissian was just as dapper as its smooth talking ownermost of those add ons are stripped away during the film. It follows han leia and their grand daughter allana on an adventure while having flashbackes telling about the falcons history from the production line to when han got her. In revenge of the sith. The book is titled millennium falcon.

Arguably the millennium falcon is as much a character in the star wars saga as luke or leia or darth vader. The falcon makes a blink and youll miss it cameo at the beginning of revenge of the sith following the opening sequence. 10 the original boba fett cameo. However since gl said it was the falcon and it really was there then it was worked into a book.

This has been confirmed by lucas to be the actual falcon and technically could have lando at the helm at the time. Two yt 1300s can also be seen in attack of the clones during the landing sequences on naboo approx 03705 on the dvd. The starship or a similar one also has a cameo in revenge of the sith 2005. The millennium falcon is in revenge of the sith weve known since 1980 han solo wasnt the original owner of the millennium falcon but the ship is so old neither was lando calrissian.

It has even outlived han and continued to get in on the adventures after his death. The millennium falcon is indeed seen in revenge of the sith during the coruscant landing shots approx 02255 on the dvd but its not the only yt 1300 seen during the six movies. When he first started writing revenge of the sith george lucas intended to feature a cameo from a childhood han solo allegedly either a coruscant street urchin or protege to chewbacca during yodas visit to kashyyyk. But what was the legendary ship doing on coruscant.


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