'; Revenge Of The Sith Cast List
Revenge Of The Sith Cast List

Unfortunately this encounter ends when anakin severs both of count dookus hands and then decapitates him under the watchful and encouraging sponsorship of the chancellor.

Revenge of the sith cast list. The disc presents an upscaled 3840 x 2160p resolution image in the films original theatrical aspect ratio of. Jackson mace windu frank oz yoda jimmy smits senator bail organa peter mayhew chewbacca anthony daniels c 3po kenny baker r2 d2 james earl jones darth vader ahmed best. Three years after the first battle of geonosis and onset of the clone wars the noble jedi knights have been leading a massive clone army into a galaxy wide battle against the confederacy of independent systems. Episode iii revenge of the sith comes to uk 4k blu ray as part of the lavishly packaged complete skywalker collection.

Jackson christopher lee anthony daniels kenny baker and frank ozit is the final installment in the star wars prequel trilogy the third chapter in the skywalker saga and the sixth. But be patient anakin. I have taught you everything i know. In revenge of the sith dooku or lord tyranus his sith alter ego has kidnapped palpatine drawing obi wan and anakin to the chancellors rescue.

Episode iii revenge of the sith is a 2005 film written and directed by george lucasit is the third and final film in the star wars prequel trilogy. Episode iii revenge of the sith quotes obi wan kenobi. And you have become a far greater jedi than i could ever hope to be. Cast hayden christensen anakin skywalkerdarth vader ewan mcgregor obi wan kenobi natalie portman padme amidala ian mcdiarmid supreme chancellor palpatine darth sidious samuel l.

It was the second digitally shot star wars entry and the resultant 2k digital intermediate is what forms the basis of this ultra hd blu ray release. Episode iii revenge of the sith 2005 cast and crew credits including actors actresses directors writers and more. The cast members of star wars episode iii.


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