'; Revenge Of The Sith Green Screen
Revenge Of The Sith Green Screen

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Revenge of the sith green screen. One of the best things about revenge of the sith was the decision to fix the visual side of things. Anakin skywalkers fall to the dark side is a hastily edited back and forth between barely descript green screen sets with dialogue so wonky even ewan mcgregor cant hide a smirk when declaring i have seen a security hologram of. If the first two films in the prequel trilogy matched the quality of this film the prequels would be remembered more fondly. The vast amount of green screen in this film required a forgiving medium to capture it with and digital technology is better than 35mm film because it saves time and money.

Make all the memes you want with this and i would prefer if you credited me. Yoda fighting from revenge of the sith duration. The first two prequel films are known for their terrible overuse of green screen and while revenge of the sith didnt do away with this completely it did cut back and give us a few cool visuals. His use of digital camera technology was an important development in filming attack of the clones and he continues to exploit its flexibility in shooting revenge of the sith.

The famous meme star wars episode iii. One person whos sliced almost seems to have green blood on them but that later appears to have been the glowing cut from the light saber attack. Obi wan sees a security hologram like a surveillance security tape of anakin killing various people the view is from a distance. The star wars prequel trilogy wraps up with revenge of the sith and does something completely unexpected following the first two rocky outings it sticks the landing mostly.

Yet for all the maturity as a movie revenge of the sith still falls prey to the problems of the prequel trilogy. Now in green screen form.