'; Revenge Of The Sith Hello There
Revenge Of The Sith Hello There

The magna guards advance.

Revenge of the sith hello there. Obi wan pulls down a heating vent on top of them general grievous. Jumps down from the upper levels hello there. Revenge of the sith is owned by lucasfilm. In a massive sinkhole city kenobi rides atop a native varactyl named boga and tracks the warlord down.

When clone intelligence reports indicated that general grievous had fled to utapau obi wan took three battalions to the planet. You are a bold one. 10 hello there x 4 the entire duel between obi wan kenobi and general grievous on utapau is one of the most famous and quoted scenes from the prequels giving fans so many good quotes and memes. All droids activate their weapons and surround obi wan general grievous.

A second meme includes videos of people acting out a scene from star wars. To the magna guards kill him. Obi wan says hi to everybody. A phrase used by revenge of the sith fans to check for othe rots fans.

Ep 3 revenge of the sith in which a character under the name obi wan kenobi would jump down from scaffolding proceeding to say hello there it was widely popular among the group to make memes out of this scene two particular types of memes caught on and spread like wildfire. Hello there is a memorable quote uttered by the character obi wan kenobi in the 2005 science fiction action film star wars. No copyright infringement intended. In the videos tiktok users will ignite their pretend lightsabers.

When it comes to star wars memes no film is more popular than revenge of the sith. The force is strong with these star wars memes. Episode iii revenge of the sith. The prequel trilogy may be the most meme able trilogy out there and the best film of the bunch revenge of the sith is no different from this.

Revenge of the sith the videos show people acting out scenes with the audio from a scene in which obi wan approaches general grievous whose team ignites their electric staffs. The term hello there is a quote from the movie star wars. To the droids back away. Revenge of the sith.

Online people have used the scene and images of the scene as the inspiration for remixes and image macros.


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