'; Revenge Of The Sith Ps2 Alternate Ending
Revenge Of The Sith Ps2 Alternate Ending

An alternate ending to episode iii where anakin defeats obi wan instead.

Revenge of the sith ps2 alternate ending. Taken from the last level of the episode 3 video game. Episode iii revenge of the sith is an action video game based on the movie of the same nameit was released on may 4 2005 for the playstation 2 xbox game boy advance and nintendo dsadditionally a version was made available for mobile phones on april 2 2005. I had to cut off the actual movie. Post navigation the first time palpatine met anakin skywalker star wars explained.

Not taken by me. Revenge of the sith is the kind of game we dont get anymore. Revenge of the sith. How anakin skywalker brought balance to the force star wars theory.

As part of the playstation 2 classics program the playstation 2 version was re released in europe on the. Based on a movie and heavily inspired by the popular god of war ps2 games sith is a relic of a different eraback when every big.


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