'; Revenge Of The Sith Vs Endgame
Revenge Of The Sith Vs Endgame

Endgame in a recent popularity poll.

Revenge of the sith vs endgame. A whopping 81 of those chose revenge of the sith over endgame and the star wars franchise as a whole is dominating the competition. After a fierce battle. Made by yours truly shitposts. Made by yours truly shitposts.

The star wars series as a whole dominates the poll with all three movies from the original trilogy making it through to the fourth round along with revenge of the sithno mcu movies made it through the third round of voting. Either way now revenge of the sith now faces off with the dark knight rises in the elite 8 round. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Revenge of the sith to be listed as the number one movie of the summer.

Well were not exactly sure what happened cough reddit cough but the biggest box office moneymaker of all time avengers. Endgame in a new poll. Revenge of the sith won out over avengers. Rotten tomatoes has been doing a massive summer movie bracket to crown.

Revenge of the sith just obliterated avengers. Gallery every star wars movie ranked from worst to best. Revenge of the sith in the votes. Episode iii revenge of the sithno scratch that endgame was absolutely demolished by rots by a margin of 81 to 19 of the vote with almost 550000 votes cast in that match up alone.

Lets see how that turns out for them. George lucas draws the star wars film series to a close with this dark sci fi adventure which sets the stage for the events of the first film and brings the saga full circle. Endgame was soundly defeated by star wars. The split between the votes swayed 81 to revenge of the sith and 19 to endgame.

The poll aims to determine the ultimate summer movie. Star wars fans are flooding the rotten tomatoes website for a weird reasonthey are trying to get star wars episode 3. Of the last five star wars films that have been released four of them landed in theaters in december and became. In round three of rotten tomatoes summer movie showdown endgame went up against revenge of the sithhowever the marvel cinematic universe film which is currently the highest grossing film ever lost in a landslide to the final film in the prequel trilogy.

81 percent of the 548173 votes went.


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