'; Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Easter Eggs
Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Easter Eggs

George lucas liked to throw a few references into the films he directed and the third episode of the skywalker saga is no different so here and ten easter eggs.

Star wars revenge of the sith easter eggs. But one subtle moment in the revenge of the sith might hold the key to answering this 53 year old question once and for all. Episode iii revenge of the sith has an easter egg related to a franchise from a completely different universe. It all began back in 1977 with the film now known as star wars. Revenge of the sith however achieved a more mixed response.

Revenge of the sith. The original films the prequels and the sequel trilogy. The lord of the ringsthe star wars saga is divided into three. 10 best oscar isaac movies to watch if you cant get enough of poe dameron from star wars.

The skywalker saga may be done and dusted but it seems that. A cool and amusing easter egg has been spotted in star wars. Revenge of the sith easter eggs break danceing 100 10 with 1 votes on the 1st disc the one with the movie at the main menu press shuffle on your remote not all remotes have this feature then a video of some star wars characters mainly yoda will start to dance. A new hope which introduced viewers to a galaxy far far away with its own.

An order 66 easter egg explains star wars biggest mystery. In celebration of the films 15th anniversary here are 20 trivia facts and easter eggs about star wars episode iii.


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