'; Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Ending Scene
Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Ending Scene

Revenge of the sith is also really the only star wars movie that doesnt stand up to george lucas long held assertion that the saga is for kids.

Star wars revenge of the sith ending scene. Just before he discusses the original ending of revenge of the sith he also mentions how the opening scene was a little different involving general grievous killing shaak ti another jedi in. The video is simple hilarious and has us craving smores. The star destroyers have been remodeled. The rise of skywalker was clearly referencing the iconic binary sunset from the first act of a new hope but the final scene of star wars.

Revenge of the sith using marshmallows. And you have become a far greater jedi than i could ever hope to be. Recently a fan took to tiktok to recreate the famous mustafar ending of star wars. Of the three star wars trilogies two of them end in the exact same spot.

In the desert with people staring out into the twin suns of tatooinestar wars. Revenge of the sith did this homage first. But be patient anakin. Episode iii revenge of the sith quotes obi wan kenobi.

Revenge of the sith drew the star wars prequel trilogy to an uneven yet somewhat satisfying conclusion in 2005. Showing him catch fire limbless and spewing hate isnt just disturbing because its star wars. Knowing anakin became darth vader off screen is one thing. I have taught you everything i know.

Rotten tomatoes is running a series of polls to crown the most popular summer movie of all time but in a shock twist 2005s star wars. Filmisnow movie bloopers extras 9466266 views. Though for fans of natalie portmans padme it was an experience that left a lot to. Revenge of the sith which marked its 15 year anniversary.

A never ending bloopers saga duration. Several things imply this takes place some time after the films main narrative. Star wars revenge of the sith alternate ending scene.


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