'; Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Movie Review
Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Movie Review

But its also a big anniversary year.

Star wars revenge of the sith movie review. Episode iii revenge of the sith review score. Episode 3 revenge of the sith closes out the prequels on a much needed strong note. Revenge of the sith is a great star wars movie a roller coaster of action and emotion. Not only is it 35 years since the arrival of the empire strikes back but this year also marks the 10th anniversary of revenge of the sith the.

When the sinister s. As obi wan pursues a new threat anakin acts as a double agent between the jedi council and palpatine and is lured into a sinister plan to rule the galaxy. Revenge of the sith is the most technically accomplished of all the star wars movies. Putting aside other important aspects of the cinematic experience like storytelling for example its hard to argue that the special effects work in the third prequel isnt more spectacular than anything previously attempted by george lucas.

The movie chronicles the fall of anakin skywalker and his transformation into darth vader. Even with all its imperfections rots is the kind of film that should have launched the prequels. 2005 read the review. The plot and characters grapple with some complicated moral issues and.

After episode ii got so bogged down in politics that it played like the republic covered by c span episode iii is a return to the classic space opera style that launched the series. Three years into the clone wars the jedi rescue palpatine from count dooku. Years after the onset of the clone wars the noble jedi knights lead a massive clone army into a galaxy wide battle against the separatists. Revenge of the sith plays closer to how the movies look than any other star wars game.

George lucas comes full circle in more ways than one in star wars. The force awakens the continuation of season one of star wars rebels and a glut of other new and exciting star wars ventures. So then from a certain point of view revenge of the sith simultaneously the middle and last star wars movie is the best sequel and the most pleasing surprise in the entire saga. With hayden christensen natalie portman ewan mcgregor samuel l.

On the light side were not settling not entirely. The dark side clouds everything. Yes its 2015 and that means the arrival of star wars. Episode iii revenge of the sith which is the sixth and allegedly but not necessarily the last of the star wars movies.